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Associação de plantas e jardins em climas mediterrânico  -  Mediterranean Gardening Association - Portugal


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Whether you are a beginner in Mediterranean gardening or engaged in a more long term project to make a garden there will be something of interest among the varied topics dealt with in these articles.

When an event gives us the opportunity to hear from an authority on a relevant topic we will always try to capture some of their special knowledge so that we can all learn something. This may be by recording a talk, asking for an article or for a recommended plant list, but the aim will be to present this information on our web site.

We currently have 4 categories

Knowledge Base

Here are our tips and suggestions for gardening in the Algarve and Portugal

Big old trees - what do we know?

This section is also your opportunity to show your own local knowledge so please send in your comments and contributions if you have something to share - your comments

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