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These online talks were recorded at past events. The talks are available as slide show presentations together with the lecture. We will occasionally add new talks to this page to allow a wider audience to enjoy the presentations.

If you have any difficulty accessing the talk please note that you will need a good broadband link for best viewing experience. It is possible to show these talks to an audience or small group via a data projector if you wish.

Slide Shows

This page contains links to online versions of talks sponsored by the Mediterranean Gardening Association of Portugal.

Succulent garden in the central Algarve

“Bulbs, Corms and Rhizomes for Mediterranean Gardens” an illustrated talk by John Fielding Mediterranean Garden Society Talk March 2013.

Olivier Filippi - Lawn Alternatives in Mediterranean Gardens

Olivier Filippi - Lawn Alternatives in Mediterranean Gardens, Mediterranean Garden Society, Athens, November 2013

Dr Elizabete Marchete - Invasive Plants in Portugal, Mediterranean Garden Society, Algarve, March 2013

The Making of the European Mediterranean Landscape - Dr. Oliver Rackham. Mediterranean Garden Society Talk March 2012.

CQR Roses Slide Show

Charles Quest-Ritson’s lecture on roses that flourish in a Mediterranean climate, rose nurseries, and facts on choosing and looking after roses.

Jorge Pavia Slide Show

Dr Jorge Paiva, eminent scientist and Portuguese botanist, talks about a unique native plant garden created in 1986 by  the Secondary School of  Barcelos

Jean-Paul Brigand Slide Show

Economic Factors of Garden Tourism  - Jean-Paul Brigand  delivers a talk on the economics of garden tourism

Wonderful wild flowers

“Wonderful Wildflowers of the Algarve” -  John Fielding will demonstrate the similarities and differences between west and eastern Mediterranean.

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